ActivityWatch is an automatic time-tracking software which helps you keep track of what you do.

It's an attempt to replace and improve existing services like RescueTime, ManicTime, WakaTime and others. It is different in that it's completely open source, extendable, and you as a user have full and exclusive control of your data.


The latest ActivityWatch releases are available on GitHub. You'll find the installation guide in the documentation.


For more information about the projects, visit ActivityWatch on GitHub or the about page!

Check out our side projects!


Thankful helps you allocate donations to the creators (of video, writing, music, software) that you appreciate. No middle men and no privacy issues. A user-controlled alternative to services such as Patreon and Flattr.

This will be done by analysing your ActivityWatch data and creating a list of all the creators whos fruits of labor that you have enjoyed. Thankful then helps you get an overview of the time spent on each creators content, assisting you in your decision of who's the most deserving.

Thankful does not handle your money, instead it gathers information about creators available payment methods such as Patreon and Bitcoin. We are confident that the 10% cut taken by services like Patreon will one day be replaced by cryptocurrencies that have very low transaction fees.

Read more about it on GitHub