On request we’ve decided to start doing these bimonthly development updates in order to keep you all updated about how development is progressing. It might take a few updates for us to get this going, but we’ll get there!


May 7th: We finally released v0.8.0b1. It’s been our first release since November 2017 and is the first beta release of the upcoming (and amazing) new v0.8 release.

May 15th: We hit 4000 downloads 🌟


  • Implemented our query2 querying language and rewrote much of the visualization code to use it. This is a huge step forward for future visualization work. (aw-core#46, aw-server#35, aw-webui#48)
  • Added a query explorer in the web UI to help with testing queries. (aw-webui#64)
  • Made watchers more resilient by switching to a new type of request queue. (aw-client#28)
  • Started developing aw-client-js (aw-client-js#2) and switched to using it in aw-webui (aw-webui#62).
  • The web UI now has a view for the most-visited domains. (this commit)
  • The web UI now has a button for removing buckets. (this commit)
  • We now have a package on the AUR for easy installation on Arch Linux!
  • And a bunch of smaller bugfixes and reliability improvements.

Going forward

We’ve been hard at work trying to improve the performance of ActivityWatch (activitywatch#98) using several approaches:

  • Switching to a pure-SQL implementation of the SQLite datastore. (aw-core#57)
  • Pre-merging of heartbeat events. (aw-client#33)

We’ll also spend a considerate amount of time developing ActivityWatch this coming summer as we’re a team of five people who will be working on our related project Thankful. Certainly something to look forward to!

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This post was originally published on the forum. It has been reposted here on the blog for archival purposes.